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Justin Livesey, a name that my parents gave me back in '94. The name, according to google, has the meaning: justice and honesty. Don't know if this is right, or if I could live up to it, but its a damn good starting point.

Currently I'm trying to make a living in The Netherlands, though I'd much rather travel the world and learn about different cultures (but yea, money and studying tends to be an issue in that matter). Anyway, at the moment I'm studying Communication & Multimedia Design in Maastricht and yes I enjoy this quite alot. Now this study has already taught me quite a few things. From trying to develop my own style in photography up onto developing a new skill: coding (front-end). For some reason it just works for me. It gets me all aroused when I find a bug or see the output of a code is good looking. Buttt..... my real passion is photography, it's a way for me to try and show the optimisim I create in my head, through an image. 'It's all about capturing the right moment' (pff what a cliché).

Not sure if you'd want to know more about me after reading the above, but feel free to contact me through my contact page!

Sincerely, Justin Livesey.

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Portraits - Yung Baro

Destination Unknown




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  • Curriculum Vitae

    Here you'll find a downloadable PDF CV


    I really enjoy shooting overview pictures of places I've been. The only time I take these shots, is when I feel at ease or some kind of calmness at that particular spot.

    This particular picture was taken while I was shooting a project to raise awareness for refugees - The Jungle, Calais 2015 - Destination Unknown


    These are glimpse of the portraits I shot. I enjoy capturing people's spontaneous moments rather then have them pose for the camera.


    The photo's in this gallery 'street', are moments/places that caught my attention while walking around.

    Destination Unknown

    Picture by me.

    The Destination Unknown project, was a project I did for school together with 3 other students and a photographer. Core of the the project was to show that refugees are people like all of us. To do that we made a web based interactive documentary, before this end form it had many forms. More story, less story, more pictures, less pictures, scroll horizontal, scroll vertical, we basically went through everything. As the team of students we wanted more story, whereas the photographer wanted more pictures.

    To give a little backbone to the story, we followed the photographer (Sem) on his journey to exploring the refugee. Before we even started on thinking about going to a refugee camp (Calais, France), producing a 'Humans of Calais', he had already been there. So thats where we decided to follow him and document his story.

    My role in producing this web based documentary was videography/photography in the first place. Being very stubborn and only in my second year of a the study, I started filming without a stabilizer, because I thought I could. Looking back at the video's I shot, only 10% was useable. I learnt a great lesson there: always go with a stabilizer when you're filming (or just not film at all and stick to photo). Then going further down the line of making the actual web based documentary, we had a front-end developer (Jeffrey) and that's where I started helping a great deal. From the start of the study I'm currently following, I learned I could code. Instead of being a video/photo guy for this project, I coded the web based documentary together with Jeffrey. We both learned a ton of things in this proces and we couldn't have done it without eachother.

    Check out older versions of Destination Unknown: first version. The second version is the version I'm most fond of, because the story is more understandable. The last version is the version the photographer liked the most and being it we followed him, we chose to use this version.

    America blog

    Picture by me.

    This little project right here, was my first own wordpress. Why did I make a blog about my months travel through Eastern America? Well, my mom wanted me to text her everyday, instead I made a blog she could follow. Not easier, but more fun and nice to have as a memory later on. Most of the postst were written by myself. The links to the photo albums don't work anymore because Flickr has done something weird to my albums.

    Not entirely sure why I put this in my portfolio, but I got a lot of good comments on the blog and it was quite well visited by outsiders. People also told me that my writing was fun to read. Sidenote: the grammar and the interpunction isn't always that great.. Anyway enjoy!

    Yung Baro

    I shot these portrets for a good friend of mine Yadgar Baroshi. Not untill recently he has found out that he has the potential to be a good DJ. Up on figuring this out he obviously wanted to try his luck and do it right the first time. He then asked me to take some studio pictures of him for his press kit. Of course I said yes, since it was a great opportunity for me to have a real go at studio photography. To be honest it was my first real try at studio photography.

    Below are the pictures I liked the most. As it was an experimental shoot for me, I just played with light and with backdrops. Up untill now I thought I didnt like studio photography, but after doing this shoot I realised it is awesome to be able to play with light and backdrops. So now if someone asks me to do studio pictures for them I'll definitely say yes!

    Last but not least, check out Yung Baro and give him a like on facebook, he deserves it!